Sunday, March 5, 2017

Billow your own sails.

     The following was inspired daily writing from my recent homecoming to Sacramento State University, where I was blessed to be embraced by family at the 25th Anniversary dance and retirement concert for Mama Dr. Linda S. Goodrich. I grateful am I, to know the people I know; and to be who I am. 


Bade in the weight of the anchor who's virtuous strength humbly maintains balance, the ebb & flow of Mother Earth. His deep water dwelling empowers blind love, blind concern, and a care so deep... it is unfathomable. But be mindful of mistreatment, to avoid the wrathful tsunami waves. They crash and usurp your being, dreams, and destiny; throwing you off the course of your chart. Be unwavering in your stride with him, and the waves remain tepid. 
#olokun #ashé

When the weight of the world feels heavy and cumbersome, cast your anchor down. Embrace and accept the healing vibrations of the water. Love thyself. Love thy neighbor. Be kind to yourself and others will be kind to you, too. Hold steady and she will be steady, bobbing and floating in your troublesome tides. When the waves just seem to big to bear, too crashing to breathe, too salty to smile; release your grip on the wheel of the ship. Do not fight the course charted out for you. Your anchor is loved. Your ship is embraced. The mermaids are singing your songs. 
-Shauna S. Segler 
#olokun #yemaya #healing #strifeispartoftthejourney

Sometimes the song the mermaids sing isn't the song you were expecting.

The pleasant cascading sensation of floating along the rolling push and pull of the water's surface helps calm our worry and ease our concern. We are floating with flowers around us and snorkels at our side. With our ship at bay, we are ready, ready for anything. So go ahead...cast out your net, with obstacle and limitation- for there is no fear with my own peace, my own strength, my own mind, heart & soul. 
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