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Quintet- "On My Way Home" 
Solo- "Progressive Work"

Ms. Shauna S. Segler hails from a 
Trailer Park in the Mojave Desert, where she grew up around NASA test flights. Graduating with Honors from California State University, Sacramento, she holds a BA in Theatre Arts & Dance, specializing in Afro-Caribbean and Modern performance.  
She performed, choreographed, and taught with Sacramento/Black art of Dance, a Dunham based Afro-Caribbean dance company, for five years. Thereafter she continued training in New York City for five years with dance masters including La Mora Perez, Baba Richard Gonzales, nicholasleichterdancecompany, Paul Taylor Dance company, Ailvin Ailey summer program, Mark Morris Dance Company, and Katherine Dunham Seminars.  Currently, Shauna performs with Ashe Arts Collective based in Austin, Texas. She also teaches Barre, Modern Dance, and Afro Caribbean in the Austin area.

Performance clip: On My Way Home.

Shauna received a Master of Arts degree in Deaf and Elementary Education from Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C., currently she teached deaf elementary students in central Texas. 

In Manhattan, she served the community as a bilingual certified trainer/technician for Apple, Inc. at West 14th Street, specializing in Desktop Publishing and Social Media. As a classroom teacher, Shauna specializes in bridging Social Justice values with STEM curriculum.

Currently available as guest artist, master classes, choreography and workshops. 

Contact TheShaunaShow@gmail.com

Shauna Su-Lin Segler was born in Boron, California, to parents Melvyn and Marsha; a Boeing engineer and a pre-school teacher. As a child, Shauna choreographed musical numbers with singing, dancing, and hulahoops in the trailer park where she grew up.

Shauna graduated from Boron Senior High School as valedictorian, teaching and choreographing as a cheerleader, dancer, and ballerina. She graduated cum laude from Sacramento State University with a BA in Theatre and Dance, studying musical theatre but specializing in Afro-Caribbean/ and Modern dance. She also trained with masters from the Paul Taylor Dance Company, Mark Morris Movement Company, Rene Harris Dance company, Katherine Dunham Seminars, International Association Black Dance (IABD), Evidence/Ron K. Brown, Alvin Ailey school, nicholasleichterdancecompany, and Johannes Weidland.

Shauna performed variety of musical theatre productions including Madonna in the California State Fair, Singin’ in the Rain, CABARET! and Grease. She also taught, choreographed and performed with Sacramento/Black Art of Dance (S/BAD) for five years as a company dancer, including Rainbow Children, On My Way Home, Ancestral Memories, and Quilts. 
After college, Shauna continued to train in the metro New York City area with masters including Baba Richard Gonzales, Denys La Mora Perez, Baba Chuck Davis, and Peniel. She received her MA in Elementary and Deaf Education from Gallaudet University and is a certified educator of deaf and hard-of-hearing children in Austin, Texas. Currently, Shauna teaches and performs Afro Caribbean and modern dance technique in Central Texas and is in the process of becoming a Certified Dunham Technique Instructor.