Saturday, December 28, 2013

Catching up: Migrating South, Keeping Austin Weird

     Still catching up over winter break? I am, too. This summer The Shauna Show supported the Beauty Biz Camp (found here) and relocated from the East Coast to the Deep South. Currently residing in Austin, Texas, I am helping to Keep Austin Weird  by supporting local artists, local grocers, and festivals!! Austin is a beautiful little gem in the Great State. Everyone told me I would fall in love with Austin, but I was skeptical. I missed the California sun while living in DC, and I loved every second of living in the Big Apple. Alas, Austin is the perfect mix of country and city dwelling. Here are is a hodge-podge of things I love about Austin. I'm looking forward to featuring Austin women in upcoming episodes! Maybe a singer-songwriter, a green engineer, and a small-business owner! Send inquiries and suggestions here:

Locally owned, awesome, personable, coffee shop. 

New favorite place to go shopping; High end retail in outdoor arena!

I walked by here every day during my internship.

Texas School for the Deaf Homecoming 2013, so fun!

Here Everything really is Better! Such a friendly grocer.

'nuff said.

Vegetarian options, organic breakfast diner. So. Damn. Good.
Trail of Lights 2013 
Torchy's Tacos: the best thing of the entire move.